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Frequently asked questions


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How long does it take to get from Prague Airport?

It strongly depends on traffic situation in Prague. Early morning, weekends, in the night, you can get from airport to the center of Prague in 15 minutes, in rush hours it could be 1 hour. We are experienced and drivers can allways find the most effective way downtown. Our dispatching stuff monitor traffic situation and help drivers to find the quickest way to Prague center or to any other resort in Czech Republic.


Should I wait at the airport for another passengers?

Definetely not! We do not collect passengers into one vehicle - there is always your private driver & car, who follows your arrival. Our dispatching monitor all flights instantly so we know when your flight arrives at Ruzyne airport. After the landing it takes about 20-40 minutes before you get to the meeting hall. Drivers are instructed to wait up to 1 hour, if it takes longer, we try to call you. We appreciate if you call us in the cases you have troubles with your luggage and have to wait in the customs longer than 1 hour or if you do not see your driver in the arrival hall. Please read more about Prague airport meeting.


What to do when we carry extra large luggage with us?

Just mention it when you are booking your transfer. We will send bigger car for you with no extra costs.


I did not receive any confirmation. What should I do?

In this case it is important to write us by mail or call us. After you have booked a transfer via internet request form, expect confirmation in 24 hours, during working hours (we have office in Prague) in few moments. Hence you receive your confirmation, we always appreciate when you let us know about that.


How and where will I meet your driver?

After you get your luggage, there is your driver waiting in the arrival hall at particular terminal. The driver holds your name or the name of your company as provided by you in the booking request. You never need to run between terminals, because we know what terminal of Prague Airport your flight arrives on, so your driver waits at the right one. Anyway, if you for any reason, cannot see driver with your name for longer then 5 minutes, call us (+420 728 876 876).


How can I pay for the transfer service?

You can pay cash to your driver after the service, you can pay online on the internet and you also can use your credit card to pay the driver. You will be given with receipt and return voucher in the case you pay return (airport) service automatically. The return transfers are discounted. Keep your voucher to show your driver on return back to Ruzyne airport.


We are group of more than 16 people. Will You transport us too?

With a pleasure! We have minibuses in our car fleet and comfortable Mercedes coaches too. The best way is to contact us and arrange the particular vehicles by Your wishes. Sometimes clients require bus or group of minivans, do not worry to ask. Our operators speak english.


We travel with our 3 years old son. Will You arrange a baby seat? How much will we pay for that?

Yes, just mention it in the request form of your transfer. We do it free of charge!


My flight was delayed, what should I do? Will the driver be still waiting for me?

We watch the status of flights online so we will know about it. The drivers are instructed to be at the arrivals of Prague airport 10 minutes after the actual landing of your aircraft. Call us if there is any trouble.


Will You take me to restaurant at the evening?

The best way is to arrange it at the moment of your booking. We will charge from 200,-CZK to 400,-CZK in Prague or individually. Do not worry to ask, we will be flexible. You also can book it with the driver or call us.


Are the prices of transfers quoted per person or per vehicle.

All the prices in our price list of Prague Airport (and other) transfers are calculated per vehicle (or per transfer when more vehicles needed to transport larger group). The most important: you pay price wich is agreed in advance (you will get it in your confirmation) - that means no surprises, no extra or hidden costs. If we say the price of the transfer to Prague center is 540,-CZk (or 17,-GBP) you will pay 540,-CZK or 18,-GBP. You can tip the driver if you are happy with his service, it helps us to keep the best drivers in Prague, anyeway, it is purely voluntary - you do not have to do it.


I want to go from the Prague airport to my Prague hotel and then to the conference, can the driver wait for me?

In that case please let us know about it with the booking. Usually, when your check in in the hotel is quick and the distance between your hotel and the congress hall is not long, we charge nothing extra. The driver will simply wait for you until you are accommodated. If it takes more than fifteen minutes and/or the distance of additional transfer is longer than 5km, we may charge something extra. The best thing to do is to ask us in advance.


Where will be our driver waiting for us at the Prague airport?

Drivers wait inside of terminals of the Prague airport. It is easy: After you have got your luggage, follow the crowd and when you get to the public area of appropriate terminal, you will see driver with a card with your name printed on it. For more information see Prague airport pickup instructions page...